Indicators for Clinical Analysis Laboratories

For laboratories, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) may vary depending on the type of laboratory and its specific objectives.Here are some of the main KPIs that are usually followed by laboratories:

  • Sample processing efficiency: This KPI measures how quickly the laboratory processes received samples. It can be measured by the average time from receipt of the sample to issuance of the results report.

  • Precision of results: Measures the accuracy of the results produced by the laboratory. It can be evaluated by comparing laboratory results with reference standards or by internal quality controls.

  • Error rate: Measures the frequency of errors in test results. Errors can include incorrect results, mislabeled samples, or incomplete data.

  • Response time: Measures the total time it takes the laboratory to complete a test order from the moment the sample is received until the results are issued.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Measures customer satisfaction with laboratory services, including quality of results, ease of access, and communication with laboratory staff.

  • Equipment Utilization Rate: Measures the operational efficiency of laboratory equipment, such as the amount of time they are in use compared to downtime.

  • Profitability per test: Measures the profitability of each test performed by the laboratory, taking into account the costs associated with the collection, processing and analysis of the sample.

  • Regulatory compliance: Evaluates the degree to which the laboratory complies with the regulations and quality standards established by regulatory authorities and accreditation organizations.

  • Test repetition rate: Measures the frequency with which tests must be repeated due to errors or inaccurate results.

  • Innovation and development of new services: Measures the laboratory’s ability to develop and offer new services and tests that respond to market needs and technological advances.

These are some examples of common KPIs used by laboratories. It is important that each laboratory defines its own KPIs based on its strategic objectives and the type of tests it performs.