IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

Business Improvements on working Experiences, along with memorable experiences for organizations and their persons with our unique IT Professional Services Approach

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BI | Business Intelligence

BI to empower people with analytical productivity, constructed on data sciences best practices, embedded in customers systems architecture and culture. Tableau, Salesforce, Power BI, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others

IT Health

We have expertise and knowledge of the vertical needs of the industry, as well as technological solutions available in the Health IT Market, from Social Works, Prepaid Medicine, Trade Unions, Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centers, Diagnostic & Treatment Centers and Pharmaceutical Laboratories. From financiers to providers

Project IT Staffing

Companies prefer to build specific IT teams for projects or areas, with internal control, close to business users and with specific project teams with a combination of intern resources and best outside experts, not necessarily provided by the same IT external expert practice. Focus is in the outside expert profile, exclusive dedication, and specific projects milestones.

IT Staff Augmentation

While companies improve by projects, ongoing operations need specific services on actual systems, these services can be provided by a combination of internal en external resources, and support strategies can be implemented in many support o deliver practices as: Staff Augmentation, Help Desk and SLA, Software Factories, In company or Outsource, Local, Nearshore or Offshore.

RPA | Robotic Process Automation​

Automate any process with a digital workforce. Robotic process automation consists of hyper-flexible software such as MS Power Automate or Automation Anywhere, to streamline processes and reduce people’s workload.

AI | Artificial Intelligence

Based on data sources, questions, system learning processes, assisted or unassisted. Specific stand alone. While AI platforms are being explored and built under fierce competition, at the same time most of the major IT players: Google, Amazon, Meta, BI, CRM, ERP, Digital Marketing Platforms have embedded its first generation AI functionalities. Web Data, Social Networks, Machine Data, Machine Learning, RPA and Cloud Based Public Data, all have building blocks of AI. Data Sciences & Data Access, Data Security as prerequisites, Algorithms, Advanced Analytics, Statistics & Maths. Let’s talk about AI or evaluate your AI strategy, if one still exists. Prepare yourself safely.

E-commerce | Digital Marketing

We create Omnichannel Marketing that improve communication with customers through digital strategies. Our services seek to optimize the shopping experience, increase conversions and customer loyalty in stores physical and online. We use briefings predictive with Artificial Intelligence for customize campaigns, smart banners that activate campaigns, emails automated with detailed analysis and WiFi captive portals to implement campaigns in physical stores

IT Education & Coaching

We provide training IT Education in house, open or closed. Customized approach to develop technical and leadership skills, adapting to skills individual for professional growth, specializing in various practices: Tableau, PowerBI, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Power Automate.

IT Projects & Services Offshore & Nearshore IT Services

We are partners with various IT technologies and a network of collaborative companies of complementary IT business, Agile Scrum, Panaya and Insight Zap. Local engagement and delivery services remote or local.

Accuway of Doing Business

We believe in cooperative complementary alliances, sharing values, under a proven model to deliver outstanding personalized senior entrepreneurial services. With local, nearshore and offshore architecture, tailored to customers to achieve success on memorable experiences while sensitive professional services are delivered. Host and guest collaboration with our 3E model (Entry, Earnings & Expenses, Exit), NC NDA, for each neural net point, where empowerment is always local for neuronal points closest to each customer. Accuratio’s net we provide compliance, based on our net architecture, 15 years in IT market and senior partners.

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